RACE RECAP: More Fitness Half Marathon & Celebrating Women

The More Magazine and Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon is the world’s largest race for women. The weekend started with the Fitness Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion and ended in Central Park for 13.1 miles. I spent the majority of Saturday in bed sick, but I was able to make it to the More / Fitness Fitness Expo to pick up my race items, enjoy the Bos.co photobooth, and chat with Olympic swimmer Dara Torres.
Athleta Bosco booth at More Fitness Half Marathon Expo
Dara Torres and Grace of Lean Girls Club

I’m not usually one for Expos – they’re traps perfectly set so I spend my money – but I have to admit that this was a good one, featuring some of my favorite brands like Athleta, The Stick, Erica Sara Designs, Luna Bar (their new Chocolate Coconut Almond Luna protein bar is SHA-MAZING) and Sparkly Soul.

I woke up Sunday morning well enough to at least attempt to run. I gave myself the ok to abandon the race if I started to feel ill. Race day conditions were perfect. The sun was out and temps were in the low 60s. I’m sure the weather helped not just me, but other women who needed the pick-me-up.
More Fitness Women's Half Marathon
More Fitness Women's Half Marathon
More Fitness Women's Half Marathon
More Fitness Half Marathon
Grace of Lean Girls Club at the More Fitness Women's Half Marathon

When I was growing up, I found girls to be catty, prissy, jealous, mean, high maintenance, stress-inducing, liars, and insert your negative adjective here. Still do. That’s the difference between girls and women. Women support each other. Women love. Women are strong. Women are humble. Women are honest. Women are peaceful. Real women are confident and comfortable in their skin that they aren’t threatened when another woman is excelling. A real woman would boost her fellow woman, if it means the other passes her. It took me a while to get here, but I’m proud to be a woman!

The More Magazine / Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon is THE event for celebrating, empowering, and encouraging women. It was inspiring witnessing women cheer for each other, clap for each other, and even look out for her fellow runner by sharing tips like “rub lotion on your nipple to prevent chaffing.” If that’s not being comfortable in one’s womanhood, I don’t know what is.

Race photos courtesy of NYRR.


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