Finding Balance with Puma

I never thought I’d be one to love patterned yoga pants and tights. Like many of you, I was always uncomfortable with the attention they drew to my (what-I-think-are-thick) thighs. These Puma capris are literally called “All Eyes On Me.” There’s no such thing about going under the radar in these pants. So how did I get over my fear of bold bottoms? I started with darker colors and always pair the pants with a muted top. It’s all about balance!





Top: Monrow | Capris: Puma All Eyes On Me Tights | Shoes: Puma Ignite (On Sale Now!)

While shooting this outfit this weekend I was reminded that this is how life is too. Life is about balance. Ying and Yang. Positive and negative. Black and white. Too much of one thing is never good…even working out and eating right. Every now and then you need a cheat, right? I personally am working on this right now. The transition into the not-so-new job has been harder than I expected, and I am just beginning to find my rhythm again.

Here’s the thing about balance: you have to actively work at it. It doesn’t come naturally…at least for me it doesn’t. You have to be aware of your environment and circumstances, and proactively counteract them by making wise choices. Balance is what brings peace into your life and ensures that your lifestyle is sustainable.

I hope this week brings you opportunities to bring equilibrium in your life, and ultimately gives you peace.

  • Love this post Grace – as I too am getting knocked over by the (lack of) balance at the moment. Such a good reminder that it takes work! Little by little.

    • @dcfitcrasher:disqus – little by little, for sure. Hope you’re finding balance this week as well!

  • Jamjourn

    Great post, Grace. Great pics as well. Keep it up!

  • Sam Emrich

    Aren’t you just divine?! Go, yoga girl! xx

    • @Sam Emrich- Taking after you, the ultimate yogi!