PLAN AHEAD: Schedule Your Workouts

training and workout schedule
It’s been extremely cold in NYC thanks to the Polar Vortex and I admit that the last thing I want to do is leave my apartment. While I’m sympathetic to the fact that the cold affects more than those of us just in NYC, we New Yorkers (and Chicagoans) have the pleasure of walking in the sub-zero temp. One of the worst feelings in the world is to sweat in gym and then have that same sweat freeze on your back the moment you walk out the door. Sure, I can shower and dry myself off at the gym but who likes to shower at the gym? Point, I don’t like going to the gym when it’s below zero.

Sometimes resolving to work out more is just not enough. You need a plan! If you schedule workouts like you would a meeting or date, you’re more likely to show up and stick with goals. Here’s something that can help you form a plan, and more importantly, stick with it!

I have to schedule my workouts. Not because I’m OCD, but because I know if I don’t put it in my calendar I will forget and fill my time with food (happy hour, dinner dates, brunch, etc). I use a simple template like the one above and write down what I’m doing and when. Then it goes in my blackberry. (Ok, maybe THAT’s a little OCD!)

I don’t always follow it perfectly, as often times I aim to work out six times a week but will hit four. Four is always better than zero! This plan gives me the extra accountability to make sure that I don’t look back at the end of the week realizing I didn’t accomplish my goals for the week. It’s a visual reminder at home and at work that I have a meeting with myself, which is often the most important kind of appointment.

If you like my training template…

Do you plan and schedule your workouts ahead of time? What tools do you use?

  • Great job planning your workouts! This template is so cute! Seeing Lululemon yoga on your schedule makes me a little sad though, cause I can’t join you. Hope you’re getting there often, it’s always a good stretch session!

    • I miss our Sunday yoga sessions, Kether included. I don’t always make it because I sometimes sing at church, but I do as much as possible. It’s a great free resource.

  • Brianne

    You’re one disciplined lady! I love it!

    I take a look at my gym’s class schedule for the week, then I take a look at my own calendar and take note of which classes I’d be able to fit in. If none fit, my next step is to plot out a time for my own workout. I don’t always do as well as I set out to, but as long as I start a week with this, it’s in the back of my mind to follow through!

    • Thank you, Brianne. I’m actually not that disciplined so that is why I do this. If I didn’t, who knows if I’d ever work out. I’ve noticed that I like lists, and crossing off things on that list. It makes me feel accomplished 🙂