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The Movement Fitness studio is one of the most talked about boutique fitness studios in Manhattan these days. Just the other day, a few fitness blogger friends and I were planning to meet for a Movement class. If you can grab the attention of five fitness bloggers, you know you’re doing something right. The Movement combines high intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga, and focuses on movements that strengthen every day performance. The ideology is similar to that of Crossfit’s but much, much more low-impact.

The Movement fitness studio offers six different group fitness classes and personal training sessions. I signed up for POWERED because of the name. It sounded empowering, challenging, and the most intense of all their offerings. The POWERED class “features a variety of high-intensity exercises to stimulate the body and focus the mind.” The exercises “sharpen your functional strength for improved balance, mobility, and injury prevention.”

The Movement Fitness review

THE INSTRUCTOR: Josh, my instructor, was extremely helpful and gently asked folks to make room for me in the back. I was eight minutes late for class (thanks, N Train) and Josh didn’t make me feel like a delinquent for being late.

THE CLASS: POWERED classes at the Movement are barefoot and require three things: a yoga mat, a jelly resistance loop, a trigger point foam roller, and a bendable body bar called the Body Bar Flex. You girls know how much I love high-cardio, high-intensity, fast-paced workouts. This is not it. It’s much more about targeted burn with short bursts of elevated heart rates.

POWERED is made up of a series of stretches and calisthenic: lunges and squats (I calculated that we did 300 squats) using the resistance loop, and an ab workout combining the trigger point foam roller and traditional ab exercises. The leg workout is nothing to write home about, even with the 300 squats, because my legs are used to that kind of beating. However, it was the most effective upper body and ab workout I’ve had in a long time. I imagine that if I were to take the POWERED class the Movement fitness studio three times per week, I would quickly get rid of my arm jiggle and winter belly bloat.

THE STUDIO: It’s new. It’s clean and well maintained. It’s bright. It’s white. However, I didn’t like how narrow the halls were or how small the locker area is. The space gets crowded during peak hours (when I went) when folks are waiting to enter the next class and sweaty patrons are exiting the class they just took. Someone wasn’t thinking when they were designing the locker area. The entrances to the class rooms are right next to each other. That doesn’t help. Also, there is very limited ventilation in the classrooms. It doesn’t smell badly. But you’ve got to think that 20-30 sweaty people in a closed room doesn’t smell like flowers either.

The Movement Fitness review

WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT: $1 from every class per person goes towards the National Brain Tumor Society in honor of founder Jordan Canino’s mother. Also, the equipment used in POWERED is different. I’ve used Versa (rubber) bands before and body bars, but the ones used in POWERED are more malleable and fluid. It makes sense. We are not stagnant, stiff creatures. We move, bend, stretch, and are dynamic. I also saw more guys (four) in one class than I ever have before.

WILL I GO BACK: Yes. I’d like to see what a few POWERED classes do for my arms and abs, AND I’m checking out the CrossFlowX class at the Movement next week. If you’re looking for a low-impact way to strengthen and tone without doing yoga or barre training exclusively, this is the place for you.

THE STAFF: FIVE STARS. Some of the best in NYC. They’re extremely warm and accommodating.

COST: Classes are $32 each. If you’re a first timer, you get two classes for the price of one. SCORE!

Come back next week after I’ve tried CrossFlowX. This is the class I’m MOST looking forward to trying.

For more information, please visit The Movement Fitness online.

And if you’re looking for traditional cardio, SWERVE is right next door.


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  • Kayla Kleinman

    I adore Josh, such a great guy and so passionate about what he does. I’ve taken Powered, yogaCharged, Move and Shrink Session so far, I think Move is my favorite but I’m partial to cardio dance classes.

    • @kaylakleinman:disqus- he is indeed very sweet! I’ll have to check out Move. I’m not a huge fan of cardio dance classes, but I sure have fun laughing at myself 🙂

  • I felt the same way about this class – not the traditional high intensity but SO darn effective. Those jelly bands are killer! And Josh is top notch. This reminds me I need to get back there!

    • @dcfitcrasher:disqus – meet for a class? Move with Kayla? If not, we’ll figure something out!

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