More Half Marathon

Yesterday, I ran the More Half Marathon. The More Half Marathon, in partnership with Fitness Magazine and Shape Magazine, is one of the most highly anticipated races of the year. Conditions were perfect – 50s and sunny – but perfect conditions didn’t provide a photo finish for me. I started out strong, but then had trouble breathing, then was hit with a stomach ache, then knee pain, and then my left foot started to hurt. Wah wah! Can I have some cheese with my wine?

For the first time, I wanted to cheat, cut across the course, and finish early. Of course I didn’t. I didn’t have the guts to do it nor did I think I could live with the guilt. So I thought about quitting. Quitting just seemed easier because it didn’t hurt anyone.

It’s funny that I should struggle with wanting to quit. You see, the transition into the new job hasn’t been easy. Just four weeks in, I wanted to quit. This last week I’ve struggled with being unfulfilled from not being able to blog, feeling inadequate to actually do the job, and doubting whether I could finish and fulfill my commitment.

But what I learned yesterday is that quitting DOES hurt someone. It hurts yourself. Quitting deprives YOU of joy, reward, self-actualization, and value. Notice I didn’t say “happiness.” You may not be happy with how things went, but you have joy knowing that lived up to your potential. While things may not turn out the way you’d like them to (or I’d like them to), there is always a reward at the finish line. And those kinds of medals are so much sweeter, because victory doesn’t come without a fight.




For more: read last year’s More Half Marathon recap.


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  • Bill

    HA! you don’t strike me as a quitter, in the blogging world I’ve seen few who are 🙂 glad to see you made it though the run, Congratulation’s !

  • Way to fight out there! The experience and joy is worth every step. You did it!