We are six days away from the TCS New York City Marathon. I ran my last long run yesterday (10 miles) and it was a strong one. If the last two weeks are any indication of how I’ll perform on race day, I will be just dandy. Yesterday was perfectly sunny with a high of 55. There was neither rain nor stomach ache to be seen.

Training is done and my job for the next six days is to not screw it up by over-exerting myself or over-eating. Any runs this week will be to loosen my body and calm my nerves. I’ve got to stay zen and trust the I’ve done all I can do, so I’ll be keeping myself occupied by socializing with my Asics blogger teammates and practicing some light yoga.

TCS New York City Marathon Training Asics

One of the things that was different about the last three runs was that I had several people watch me run. It was not in a casual you-just-passed-me kind of way, but rather I had various people photograph and video my runs. In particular, this weekend I had two different graduate journalism students shadow me for an assignment. They both had to interview and feature someone running the NYC Marathon, and for some reason these two lovely ladies asked me. Rose, who interviewed me on Sunday, has been a long-time reader of Lean Girls Club and rented a Citi-bike so she could photograph me at every point during my run. That’s dedication!

TCS New York City Marathon Training Asics

I have to say that nothing will make you run stronger than to have someone watch you…like literally watch every step you take. I didn’t want to let these young women down! I wanted to make sure the “fitness blogger” they were doing a story on was all that and more. I wanted them to be impressed. Instead, I felt very un-impressive at the start. I suddenly became hyper-aware of how not-perfect my body was, how my nose runs faster than I do, how much my thighs jiggle, or how they may realize I am not as fast as they expected. Who was I comparing myself to?

In life and in running, the only person you compete with is yourself. Everyone runs his/her own race. I may not be an Olympic athlete like Deena Kastor (the wife of my coach, Andrew Kastor), but I am so proud of who I am and who I continue to become. The girl who couldn’t run a mile, now runs marathons, and she frickin’ runs for Team Asics. What??? I would NEVER, nor could, have imagined this would be my life.

I’d like to remind you all that this didn’t happen overnight. It took years to get here and you are only seeing blips of what my life is really like. There were and are some really tough days, but I promise you the days get easier when you continue to step out on faith and say YES. Say yes to new opportunities. Say yes to things that scare you. Say yes to invitations. Say yes, because you never know who you’ll meet and how the course of your life will change.

I’m looking forward to all the new opportunities this week, and the chance to meet many of you. If you are in New York City, here is where you can find me:

Today, Monday 10/27
3 pm EST – Asics Twitter Chat
I hope you’ll join @Asics, me, and my teammates as talk about your #BESTrun.

Thursday, 10/30
10 am EST – Marathon Expo

Friday, 10/31
10 am EST – The Marathon Lounge

Sunday, 11/2
10:30 am EST – MY RACE STARTS (Wave 3)
My Bib Number is 51842 and if you’d like to track me, download the TCS NYC Marathon app here.

Approx 4 pm EST – Lululemon’s Marathon After-Party: Make sure to RSVP here.

**More activities may be added. Follow LGC on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for the latest.

Lastly, you have four days to enter for a chance to win your very own pair of the Asics GEL-Kayano 21. Enter Here!


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  • OMG! I used to run this path with my best friend until she moved into Brooklyn. I saw the pictures and said “That looks so familiar.” LOL!
    I can’t wait to read about your story when you finish running the marathon. I want to hear all the details! 🙂

    Xo. Have fun and a good race!

    • @kyannasimone:disqus – it’s one of my favorite run paths. I love anything by the water…even if it is the Hudson 😉 you can’t beat the views!

      Thanks for the well wishes for Sunday. I’m sure I’ll be sharing all about it on Monday 🙂