Love Your Muscles at Crunch Fitness

Cycle Karoke at Crunch Fitness 34th Street NYC
Crunch Fitness 34th Street NYC
Crunch Fitness 34th Street NYC
Crunch Fitness 34th Street NYC
My friend Brianne (who recently shared her amazing story — read it here if you have not yet done so), invited me to join her for the Love Your Muscles two-hour ride at Crunch Fitness to raise money for Augie’s Quest Charity in search of a cure for ALS. Augie’s Quest and Crunch Fitness challenged participants to Love Your Muscles, also the month-long fundraiser’s slogan. I rode for two hours. It’s the longest I have ever ridden, and my butt still feels it!

The two hour session was led by celebrity fitness pro (and entertainer) Cherie Lily and Crunch instructors Eric Forand, Liz Wexler, and Karen N. Luckily the two hours was split into three sessions: 45 minutes of “regular” spin with Cherie, 30 minutes of stabilized/hovering spin (it’s painful – the burn!), and lastly 45 minutes of Cycle Karaoke with Cherie and Eric. My favorite was the Cycle Karaoke, watching music videos from Beyonce and Britney to singing “Don’t Stop Believing” – all while riding.

LGC TIP: Nothing makes you work harder in the gym than watching Beyonce and Britney Spears videos…even if their six-pack abs have been retouched!

So the next time you’re struggling at the gym, pull up:
Beyonce – Partition
Britney Spears – Work, B*tch
Kesha & Pittbull – Timber
TLC – Creep

I have to also mention that before the two hour charity ride, I also worked out for an hour with Sweaty Betty’s #SweatySaturday raising awareness for Partnership for Healthier America. That’s a total of THREE HOURS of workouts! I don’t recommend that you do that (I’m used to it with marathon training), and my body definitely needed the rest afterwards. While I was whimpering about how sore I was, I was kindly reminded that I have muscles that can handle this sort of physical activity. That is what the Love Your Muscles event was all about! Riding a bike, holding a plank, running up hills aren’t hard. Saying no to cake, isn’t hard. Those things just require a little discipline. Fighting cancer is hard. Living with ALS is hard.

I’m not trying to undervalue the amount of effort that goes into getting up at 5 am to run nor the amount of self-discipline it takes to pass on seconds. Those are all commendable things! I only with to encourage you to have perspective on life and always be grateful. I am grateful for strong legs that can endure miles of running and biking. I’m grateful for Mio Workout Wonder muscle gel. I’m grateful for the extra fat around my midsection because I’m convinced it keeps me warmer during the Polar Vortexes we’ve been having this winter. I’m grateful that I have the ability (and time) to change my circumstances for the better.

I’m doing another charity bike ride this Saturday with Cycle for Survival at Equinox in support of Fred’s Team. I’m extremely excited to be a part of Fred’s Team again. Read about my last experience here and why I love this organization.

Now it’s time to hear from you: What are you grateful for today? What muscle do you love most?


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  • You are AMAZING.

    I personally like those weird armpit muscles that always are sore the day after yoga. 😉 And I’m going to be listening to these songs later tonight on the treadmill.

    • Ooooh those weird arm pit muscles are amazing! Wish I could take a yoga class with you. Good luck at the gym tonight. The videos are insane and will inspire you! Let me know what you think.

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