Lean Girl Profile: Angie

I met Angie through the Shape Up NYC Fitness Instructor Training program (more on that later). Angie and I share a passion for boot camp classes, races, and connected while exchanging weight loss stories. Hers is more impressive as she’s lost more than 100 pounds! I am inspired and encouraged by her story and how she dug herself out of what felt like a bottomless pit. She’s a fighter and constantly looking to push herself. Please welcome Angie to the Lean Girls Club.
Lean Girl Angie Lost 100 pounds. Check out her story for fitness inspiration and motivation on Lean Girls Club.

39 years old
Bronx, NY
Starting Weight: 320+ pounds

LGC: What was your childhood like? Were you athletic as a child?
Angie: I wasn’t athletic as a child. Everyone [else in my family] was regular. I was the black sheep in the family. You wanna be like your family and I felt out of place.

LGC: At what point did you realize that you needed to make a change?
Angie: When I had to modify life and how I functioned. Like if I dropped something…man! That was a big problem. I had my daughter pick it up. Every day things became a problem. Like daily hygiene, because I couldn’t reach. Walking was an issue. Carrying groceries. Stairs – i had to take one step at a time [and rest in between] and couldn’t go step-by-step. The big moment was when I went to the doctor and he gave me a referral and listed me as ‘morbidly obese’ at 34 years old. That’s when it hit me.

LGC: So how did you start your transformation?
Angie: I started in 2010 not as a new year’s resolution, but just for change. I started with the Nintendo Wii Fit – it was fun. Part of the reason I started with the Wii was because I didn’t fit on my personal scale and the Wii digital scale could weigh me. [On the food side] I started by cutting out soda and i bought myself water bottles. There were water bottles everywhere. I joined a gym five months later with my sister and followed her routine. She eventually stopped going and I stuck with it. A year later, I was down 100 pounds.

LGC: That’s amazing! What do you credit for the weight loss?
Angie: Portion control. It’s all a numbers game for me, calories in, calories out. Drinking lots of water helped because it filled me up before meals.

LGC: What a great tip. What are some other things that worked for you?
Angie: Burpees – they are a great full body work out. And grapes – they’re sweet. I ate them like candy.

LGC: What’s your work out of choice?
Angie: I love obstacle courses! I figure it’s because weight loss was the biggest obstacle I’ve had to overcome and if I can do that, I can tackle any obstacle. I’ve done the Rugged Maniac, the Citi Field Spartan Race, and the Down and Dirty Mud run.

LGC: So what’s next?
Angie: I’d like to incorporate more fitness into my life. I’d like to get my AFAA certification and possibly consider fitness as a career choice. I’d like to do more obstacles – I’m doing the Rebel Race on May 18.

LGC: Lastly, what is your life motto or do you have advice for other Lean Girls?
Angie: There’s a Helen Keller quote I love: “We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough.”

  • Nelly Lopez

    I have had the honor of personally meeting Angie and becoming her friend and she is truly an inspiration. I am so proud of what she had accomplished and continue to wish her much success on everything that she does. She has actually motivated me back to getting into the gym after I too lost 100lbs and have managed to gain 15lbs back over the last 2 years. Thank you Angie for being an inspiration to all of us and helping me keep motivated. LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!

    • Nelly- congrats on your success story as well! I agree, Angie is an inspiration and I know she will continue to encourage and motivate others.