IMAXShift: How You Can Spin with Beyoncé

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IMAXShift is the latest spin studio promising your next great sweat session with bass bumping music, talented instructors, and an immersive experience in front of an IMAX screen.

The studio is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn. DUMBO claims to be the Fitness District, but many of the trendy fitness studios have not yet opened. IMAXShift is early to the game and fills the cycling void in the sought-after neighborhood.

While originally the IMAX screen is what first piqued my interest when the team at IMAXShift reached out, it’s actually the most underwhelming part of the entire experience. The giant studio, the post class foam rolling session, and the Music Video Ride are the best things about IMAX.

IMAX is cool at the theaters, but it’s not the immersive experience I was hoping for during a spin class. I think I almost expected virtual reality and it’s not that! The screen at IMAXShift is not nearly as big nor are the visuals as compelling as I hoped. The graphics are cheesy, but I found myself having funned unable to stop smiling during class. One minute I was riding down a hill in the desert and the next I was riding in space. I used the visuals as a pacekeeper. If the ride uphill looked slow, I increased my intensity. If the ride downhill was fast, I pedaled my legs faster. It made the experience more real.

As I mentioned, the best class I took at IMAXShift was the Music Video Ride taught by Emma on Monday nights. Don’t bother taking another class! Spin while giant Beyoncé dances in Formation. What could possibly motivate a girl more than Beyoncé? If Queen Bey isn’t your vibe, sing along to The Weeknd’s latest hit or secretly crush on Megan Trainor. The class is like one big video playlist – it’s you and your colleagues killing time watching your favorite music videos on YouTube.

And that’s what IMAXShift is best for – making time speed up. I’ve found that more than half the battle of a workout is convincing my brain that my body is not tired and that I can keep going for a few more minutes. IMAX keeps your mind occupied so that your body can pursue the burn. I felt like the class went way too quickly.

I enjoyed my experience at IMAXShift and will return periodically, but the studio has some work to do before the masses show. The instructors are still finding their stride, the visuals could be better, and the music curation in the other classes needs some work. But IMAXShift has all the essential parts and the potential to be great. Give the studio a shot, and time, and it will be the “it” studio next season.

Cost: $34 for a single class
Favorite Class: Music Video Ride (I was unable to check out the East Coast vs West Coast Hip Hop Class…had I checked it out at the time of review, it MIGHT be my new favorite)
Studio Quality: It’s super clean, has beautiful rose gold lockers, and is spacious. My pet peeve is studios that are so small people are crammed getting to their locker between classes.

Learn more at IMAXShift.

IMAXShift Review

IMAXShift Review

IMAXShift Review

IMAXShift Review

IMAXShift Review


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