Hydrate: How To Drink Your Eight Glasses

Hope your Memorial Days were respectful and restful. I was able to try another Soul Cycle class, rather than eating my favorite BBQ. I was excited to try a new location, the Union Square studio, with a my friend Holly, but when we got there it wasn’t so exciting. The AC in the studio was not working. Major fail! It wasn’t a hot NYC day, but a stuffy studio with zero air circulation doesn’t make for the best work out environment. Sweating buckets doesn’t even begin to describe what happened yesterday but we were still able to leave the studio with a smile.
Soul Cycle spin class in NYC Union Square with Holly
Yesterday’s Soul Cycle class however did remind me that summer is now here and hydration is even more important. (The kind staff at the Union Square location made sure we properly hydrated in the warm studio by providing free bottles of Smart Water.) It’s recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per day, but that all depends on what you eat, how much you work out, etc. But in general, it’s a good rule. If you have a hard time remembering to drink water through out the day, carry a pretty water bottle like my favorite Bkr water bottles or follow this plan.
Hydrate with eight glasses of water per day

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