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Cycle For Survival
Cycle for Survival live feed
Cycle For Survival Join the Battle
Cycle For Survival
Cycle For Survival
If you’ve ever questioned your significance and whether you can make a difference, ride (or run, or swim) for a cause. This weekend was NYC’s annual Cycle For Survival, an indoor cycling event that raises money for research and treatment of rare cancers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 50% of cancer cases are rare cancers, such as stomach, pancreatic, thyroid, and more. My grandmother passed three years ago from gallbladder cancer and I know many all of you have be affected by cancer in some way.

While these facts are depressing, organizations like Cycle For Survival (and Fred’s Team) bring hope. This weekend’s ride was high-energy and one big celebration of life. There was loud music, dancing, spinning of towels, pom poms, cheering, and powerful testimonials from three-time cancer survivor 13-year-old Perry Zimmerman and the co-founder of Cycle for Survival, Dave Linn.

Dave’s wife, Jennifer, battled a rare form of cancer called sarcoma. Check out Jennifer’s moving story here and be inspired.

Cycle for Survival’s slogan is “Join the Battle.” Dave explained that before Jennifer’s passing in 2011, friends would send the couple food, clothes, flowers to help. Jennifer and others living with cancer don’t need our sympathy. Rather, they need empathy to understand and someone who will fight with them. They need treatment and research to help find better treatments and cures. Not all patients who are treated at MSKCC survive, but 100% of the patients consent to their muscle tissues being donated for research. While the research may not benefit them, they do it in faith that someone else will live longer because of it.

I strongly encourage you to check out Cycle For Survival and participate. All the cool kids are doing it, including Late Night’s Seth Meyers who raised over $12,000 (and supposedly participates every year)! To find a Cycle For Survival ride in your city, CLICK HERE.

It’s not too late to make a contribution to Cycle for Survival. Donate via my team, the Lawless Riders.

Many thanks to Equinox for being the founding partner and providing your amazing facilities for this cause. Thanks to Kind and Chobani for fueling my ride. There couldn’t have been a better pair.