Growing up in Virginia, I’ve always known that I wanted to move to NYC. There were two things I was going to do once I got here: work in the music business (check) and work out at Crunch (check). I remember reading my favorite fitness magazines and always finding the latest “it” class being available at Crunch. At that time, the pole dancing workout trend had hit the waves and my idol (at the time) Britney Spears was a fan. I loved how Crunch combined the two things I loved: fitness + entertainment. So when Crunch reached out asking me to check out Crunch Live, I jumped at the opportunity. Read my review and find out how you can win a free trial of Crunch Live below.

Crunch Live review

Crunch Live is the online portal of Crunch gyms bringing you today’s most popular group fitness classes. You stream and sweat in the comfort of your own home. It’s like Netflix or On-Demand for workout videos. I could’ve used this 14 years ago, when little big ol’ me was starting my fitness journey. Crunch is about making fitness fun and accessible and you get that immediately when you hit the Crunch Live homepage.

Crunch Live online workouts review

I loved that I didn’t need a PhD to navigate the website. It’s super user friendly! As soon as you log in you’re presented with a multitude of classes to choose from whether it’s pilates, dance cardio, abs, or body sculpting. Or if you’re a Crunch gym regular and don’t need recommendations, you can search classes by instructor or category.

Crunch Live online workout review

All the classes are well produced. The lights, the set, and the people are all professional and TV quality, yet they’re REAL people. Nobody looks like a Barbie doll. And unlike other workout DVDs I own, the instructors don’t have creepy voices and their personalities shine. Their energys and bodies are enviable. My personal favorite was the Absolution class with Deborah Sweets. Anyone who can help me work my core without making me do traditional crunches is an angel in my book.

Crunch Live Review
Crunch Live review

* The Navigation – it’s super user friendly.
* The Cost – it’s $9.99 per month and cheaper than a traditional gym.
* The Convenience – you can work out anywhere. There’s no excuse!
* The Personalization – you can save your favorite workouts and set them on a playlist.
* The Energy – I loved the instructors.
* The Portability – you can follow along on your computer or connect it to your TV for a bigger experience.
* The Experience – I loved how hi-tech, fun, and luxurious it felt.

* Tech Problems – If you have a poor network connection, like I do sometimes, it’s frustrating to be in the middle of a workout and have it freeze. Luckily, I didn’t have a problem.
* No Accountability – Even though the classes give you a LIVE experience, there is no one there to correct your form or answer any questions.
* Not Social – If you’re someone who loves group classes because you vibe off other people’s energy, this is not for you…unless you invite friends over, which is totally doable!

Overall, I love Crunch Live. I love that I have so many options to get a sweat session in at home, at work, or on the road. There’s also no chance of getting bored because there are so many different classes to choose from, and Crunch updates the site with new classes on a regular basis. (I’m actually curious as to how they maintain this site in the long term.)

Crunch Live is all about YOU. YOU decide what class you want to take. YOU decide when and where (even if you live in Virginia). YOU can give instant feedback by rating the classes on a 1 to 5 thumbs-up system. You have the power!

Crunch Live review

You could win one free month of Crunch Live. All you have to do is leave a comment sharing what group fitness class you normally like to take. Is it yoga? Kick-boxing? Let me know!

One winner will be selected at random on July 30, 2014 at 10 am est. Open to US residents only. The retail value is $9.99. Good luck!


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  • I would love to do yoga!

    • @caitlynphipps:disqus – I’m with you. Yoga is my choice as well. Thanks for entering and good luck. If you win, I would highly recommend Absolution as it incorporates a bit of yoga and pilates as well.

  • Amy Baldwin


    • @disqus_kF3T3o1Qpa:disqus – I wish I was better at Zumba…but it definitely is fun! Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Great review! I love working out at home sometimes, I am not always in the mood to wait for someone to finish a set or search for the weights I need. I have built up my home gym so to speak, I am able to get in a pretty great workout with dumbbells, jump rope, ankle weights, stability ball and kettle bell. Okay I am rambling but this looks pretty cool and I love group yoga even though I am not that great I still love the vibe.

    • @BajanBeauty80:disqus – I love that you have a fully stocked home gym. I would love to do that, but my tiny NYC apt doesn’t help. I love group yoga too. Every time I take it though, I tell myself I can do the stretches at home…and then I never do them. There’s something about the crowd mentality that is so good for the soul!

  • BriBlessed79

    I’m so glad that they reached out to you and you liked it! I have found that as a Crunch member, it’s a way to get a good workout in when I can’t quite make it to the gym. They’ve still got most of my favorite classes available online! Hopefully they’ll be able to add the drum class soon!

    • @briblessed79:disqus – thanks for introducing me to Crunch Live in the first place!

  • regina

    I love taking yoga classes, though I need to get back to them! It’s been quite challenging finding the time to fit in regular gym workouts and yoga, especially since my preferred classes are only offered at times that aren’t convenient for me (a 90 minute class at 2:00 pm, which is right in the middle of my work day). Oh well. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

    • @disqus_Tg6zUCmN8x:disqus – Like you, I’m always curious to know who takes yoga at 2 pm. My last gym had the majority of its classes during the work day. I guess I would appreciate it if I took more days off. Thanks for entering and good luck!

    • @disqus_Tg6zUCmN8x:disqus – CONGRATS! You are the lucky winner of a free month trial of Crunch Live. I will be in touch coordinating the details.

      • regina

        Woo hoo! I’m DELIGHTED: thanks to you, and to the folks at Crunch Live!

  • PrincessMouseyCards

    I need to get back to yoga. I always loved it & I need to start relaxing my body and strengthening at the same time. Thanks for the post and thanks for stopping by my blog as well. Love to you from your Sits-sta!

    • @princessmouseycards:disqus – I’ve been practicing yoga on Sunday mornings. It’s been such a great, and even spiritual, way to refocus and strengthen for the week ahead. Thanks for entering and good luck!

  • Valerie LaSorsa Cerny

    Do the routines change for each class, like a typical gym? Or is it the same routine over and over, as if it was a DVD?

    • Hi @valerielasorsacerny:disqus – the routines themselves don’t change as it’s not actually LIVE. So if you only like yoga classes, you’ll take the same yoga classes over and over. However, there’s lots of workouts to choose from and you can mix it up. It’s like having 20+ workout DVDs at your disposal and Crunch updates the workouts. Hope that helps!