Last night I finally tried CrossFlowX yoga at The Movement. As I previously mentioned when I tried POWERED at The Movement Fitness, the Movement offers a variety of classes blending yoga, barre, and strength training. When I was invited to check out the studio, I checked out their class offerings online and the class that immediately caught my attention was CrossFlowX. The Movement’s website describes CrossFlowX as “a blending of strength, core, inversion and arm-balance-focused flows, high intensity cardio intervals, traditional yoga kriyas, and a little bit Xtra.” The key word being inversion. If you’re looking to master a hand stand like I am, this class is for you.

CrossFlowX at The Movement review

THE CLASS: CrossFlowX is a fast-paced yoga class set to today’s Top 40 hits. When I walked into class, Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” was blaring through the PA system. CrossFlowX includes all the familiar asanas like downward dog, warriors one, two, and three while also adding kicks and jumps that will help you work towards an inversion. It is NOT a pre-requisite that you come to class knowing how to do handstands. CrossFlowX helps you work toward that by building your core strength, balance, stability, and upper body.

The first few minutes of class focus on the core. I walked in a few minutes late (again, thank you N Train) and found my lower abs immediately burning with leg lifts and boat pose. The class begins with core because core strength, not upper body strength, is the foundation of inversions and being able to hold yourself upside down.

I haven’t smiled or had as much fun in a yoga as I did in CrossFlowX. As someone who is afraid of face planting in the streets of NYC on a daily basis, I had to laugh at myself attempting to kick my legs in the air. While I’m sure it was quite the sight to see, I gained confidence with each kick and jump. With each attempt, my legs got higher and higher. I don’t know if I was sweating bullets because of the cardio workout the kicks were providing or because I was fearful of face planting on my yoga mat.

In my opinion, the biggest inhibitor in CrossFlowX, and fitness in general, is not that we’re not strong or fit enough but rather that we are fearful. Our bodies are so much stronger than we give it credit for. It will not let you fall. And if you fall, so what? CrossFlowX has quickly become one of my favorite classes in NYC. It’s fun, empowering, and challenging.

CrossFlowX the Movement review

THE INSTRUCTOR: I took the Thursday at 7 pm class with Heidi Kristoffer. Heidi is the creator of CrossFlowX. She has a radiating personality; beautiful inside and out. She also has great taste in music as evidenced by the bumping class soundtrack that includes Joe Jonas, Lady Gaga, and more pop deliciousness. Heidi is also one of the most encouraging instructors I’ve had in a long time. She gave me just the right affirmations I needed to be fearless. Lastly, she rubbed an amazing essential oil (which they sell at The Movement) on my third eye at the end of class. Yoga instructors who do that get an extra star in my book. It’s the perfect way to decompress and end the class.

THE STUDIO: My CrossFlowX class was in a bigger studio than POWERED – thank God. I needed the extra space to attempt my inversions without fear of falling on my neighbor. Given that it was my second time at The Movement, I still stand by my opinion that I wish the locker room and “waiting” areas were designed better.

The classrooms are cleaned immediately after each class, like they do at spin studios. It’s not only for sanitary purposes, but everyone left class sweaty. My classmates and I actually steamed up the windows. The one thing I hope the studio works on is improving ventilation in their classrooms. While the classrooms have tall ceilings, but I the air doesn’t seem to circulate very well.

WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT: If you ever felt that yoga was not enough of a workout, this class is for you. And really? What other class has the specific purpose of helping you master inversions?

WILL I GO BACK: Yes. I’ve had this goal of mastering a hand stand and never had a plan. I know this class will help me

THE STAFF: My second time at The Movement and the staff was just as friendly as the first time.

THE COST: Classes are $32 each. If you’re a first timer, you get two classes for the price of one. GO!!!

For more information, please visit The Movement online.

For a sample video of CrossFlowX, visit Heidi’s Yoga website.

The Movement Fitness NYC

The Movement Fitness NYC

  • This sounds like such a fun class, I’ll need to check it out next time I’m at The Movement. I loved POWERED and this seems like another hit!

  • Heidi Kristoffer

    Wow!!! I just came across this. Thank you SO much for coming to class, giving your energy, and of course this super amazing class review! So thrilled you enjoy CrossFlowX! See you again soon, I hope! Xx, Heidi