Forget Crossfit! Try Fitness Cell Collective

Fitness Cell Collective (or The Collective) is your latest boutique training studio designed to deliver a personalized workout experience. It focuses on the three foundations of fitness: strength, endurance, and flexibility. Fitness Cell Collective’s workout is very similar to Crossfit in that exercises and movements are functional (you’ll never do a bicep curl, like Crossfit), exercises are performed at high intensity for a short bursts of time, and you’ll never have the same workout twice.

Fitness Cell Collective review

Fit Cell Collective - the alternative to CrossFit

Fitness Cell Collective review and pricing

I was invited to check out Fitness Cell Collective as a good friend of mine, Nerd In the City raved about it. She was most excited that she did 30 pull-ups in one class when she’s never been able to do one. 30 pull-ups? I’ve never even been able to do one either! I was intrigued. What magical workout could transform my upper body overnight so that it can do a pull-up?

THE INSTRUCTOR: My trainer was Eddy. If you like the cool, handsome, and buff type then he’s your guy. I don’t think he had an ounce of fat on his body. Ugh. Eddy is passionate about what he does. He’s a former wrestling and MMA competitor so he’s serious about training and performing your best. I loved how he challenged my strength, corrected my form, and told me how much time we had left in each circuit. Not all instructors do that! Knowing how much time we have left in a circuit motivates me to push harder, and encourages me to push through. It reminds me that the pain and burn won’t last forever.

Fit Cell Collective

THE CLASS: We used a combination of exercises using kettle bells (kettle bells are my new favorite thing), Jungle Gym suspension trainers, sand bags, and these amazing skiing machines, that target your triceps, to get our heart rates up. Exercises were tough but never extreme or unsafe. I didn’t have to lift or slam anything extremely heavy. While we had breaks between exercises, my heart rate never dropped. Classes at Fit Cell Collective cap at six people. I loved the personalized attention (it’s like a personal training session with friends) and the sense camaraderie and competition shared amongst strangers. There’s something about suffering and sweating together that unites people.

THE STUDIO: The studio is like the workout. Functional and masculine. If you’re looking for a fancy locker room or shower, scented candles, and flowers this is not the place for you. The studio itself is actually small compared to other gyms – it’s on the fourth floor – but why would you need the space when there are only six of you at a time?

Fit Cell Collective - the CrossFit alternative

SOMETHING DIFFERENT: After class, I told Eddy that my goal for 2015 is to do a pull-up. Right there he believed I could do a pull-up that day, whipped out a purple rubber band, attached it to a bar, and told me to pull myself up. The purple rubber band assisted me in my first pull up! I know you can do assisted pull-ups on the pull-up machine at the gym, but this is different. Using the purple band simulated a REAL push-up and gave me the confidence that I needed. 2015 is all about strength for me, and I now believe more than ever that I will be able to do a pull-up.

Fitness Cell Collective review

WILL I GO BACK: Yes. I felt strong leaving class. I felt empowered after the pull-ups and getting half way through the (adult) monkey bars. Fit Cell Collective made me feel like I could do anything. I also left class feeling like my thighs, waist, and arms were a bit leaner and tighter. I know bodies don’t change that quickly, but my metabolism was definitely revved up and working. If you’re looking for the next big burn, you must check out Fit Cell Collective. The girls in my class discovered Fit Cell Collective through Class Pass and planned on returning, too.

Fitness Cell Collective review and pricing

THE COST: First class is Buy 1, Get 1 Free for $45. After that, classes are approximately $40 depending on the package. It’s high if you compare it to a typical boutique workout, but low if you compare it to a personal training session.

For pricing and more information, check out Fitness Cell Collective.


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  • Liz Tailor

    YAY! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. It kicked my butt in places I didn’t know my butt had! Such an empowering experience!

    • @liztailor:disqus – thank you for recommending it to me. We’ll have to go back together!

      • Liz Tailor

        Absolutely! I’m in.

  • Look at that pullup!! Yesss. That’s something I’m striving to learn how to do myself.

    • @kyannasimone:disqus – why are they so darn hard??? I must master at least ONE this year!!