Class Review: Physique 57 SoHo

I’m a sucker for punishment, so when a business colleague told me about the “unbelievable burn” at Physique 57, I knew I had to try. Physique 57 is a barre method workout that concentrates on strength training, cardio, and flexibility using a ballet bar. It’s also the preferred workout of sports reporter Erin Andrews and supermodel Chrissy Tiegen. I’m no prima donna ballerina type, but I left feeling long and lean in just one session.
physique 57 soho
physique57 soho
Upon walking into the studio, I knew I was going to enjoy the class. Kate and Erin at the front desk were warm and welcoming – so necessary after coming from the snow storm outside. The studio is clean, bright, has a minimalistic approach in design, and <em>smells amazing unlike many other studios and gyms. (I asked about the scent and the smell is exclusively branded for Physique 57. Dear Physique 57 – you must sell this as a candle or diffuser!) It’s clear that Physique 57 cares about providing the best environment to maximize your workout. No distracting odors, mess, or old equipment here!
physique 57 book
physique 57 soho
physique 57
I signed up for a beginner’s class with Shanna, who is adorably petite with a big smile, fluttering long eyelashes, and chiseled arms. Must. Have. Her. Arms. I have to admit that while I was ready for a burn, I wasn’t ready for the intensity of said burn. Besides, how hard could a beginner’s class be? I’ve run marathons, completed mud runs, mastered archery – this should be easy! I was seriously mistaken. Squeeze, squat, lift, and hold is the new cardio. I was shocked to see how much I was sweating from a low-impact activity. We runners often think that cardio is the only way to work up a sweat.
physique 57 soho
Physique 57 claims to change your body in as little as eight sessions. After my first class, I believe them. Did I mention the burn? The burn!!! Oh, the burn!!! I left the studio on fire…and felt like I was on fire the rest of the day. Even when you’re working your arms or legs, you core is always engaged. Imagine taking an hour long ab class – this is what Physique 57 is all about! I don’t know if I was hallucinating or not, but I actually saw my six pack coming. I could actually feel my body tightening and my fat burning.
physique 57 jamberry nails
physique 57 jamberry nails
Physique 57 is not just a studio, it’s a movement, a culture, a lifestyle. I hope you’ll try it. I planning on taking the eight class challenge and seeing how my body changes. Can’t wait!

For more info on Physique 57 and to find a studio near you, visit their website.

All first time students get special deal. Buy one class for $36 and get the second one free. You’re 25% of the way there to a new body!

  • Sounds like you had a great class and really enjoyed the experience. I think it says a lot about a company/organization that thinks of such small details like the scent in the air. How cool.

    Oh, and I love your photography!

    • Lisa- they not only had a special scent but apples, gym, hairties, hand sanitizer, a cool Physique 57 measuring tape for POP, and a lounge. They are super great about branding and making it comfortable for you. Amazing! And thank you for the kind words about the photos!!!

  • This looks fun! We don’t have Physique 57 in Chicago. Does this look similar to what you were doing?

    • Hi Emily- yes, it does look similar. Would love to hear all about your experience . I’ll also be sharing something else in an upcoming post that you might be interested in. you can take a class virtually. Look out for it!

    • Looks and sounds very similar. Let me know how it is. Part of Physique’s appeal is the “brand.” They have done a great job with it!


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