Beatbox Fitness is the latest in cardio kickboxing class combining martial arts, kickboxing, high intensity circuits and a live DJ spinning today’s hottest hits. It’s like Tae Bo in a club, without the strobe lights and a stranger grinding on you.

Beatbox Fitness NYC

Beatbox Fitness NYC Review

Beatbox Fitness NYC Review
Photo Credit: Hallie Geller / Beatbox Fitness

I have to admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to cardio. What could be better than running? Beatbox Fitness is not about being better than your average cardio workout, but just as good. The first 45 minutes concentrated on getting our hearts pumping and bodies sweating through various sequences of kicks, squats, lunges, split jumps, punches, jabs, upper cuts, and more. I wore my Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart heart rate monitor during class and it peaked at 163 beats per minute. I thought I was doing well until we transitioned into the core workout. I thought my legs were the only part of my body that was fatigued but I was wrong. When we transitioned into the core workout, I could not perform the usual planks and crunches I normally can do. I would not have realized that I got a serious ab workout had it not been for the soreness in my midsection which made itself known for two days.

Founder and instructor Ailin Shvartsbart is bootcamp instructor without being a drill sergeant. She’s encouraging, inspiring, and all about girl power which is evidenced by the story of how her company started (she threw a kickboxing party for 30 of her closest friends). I felt like I was kickboxing with my girlfriends and had the freedom to kick and punch with no judgment. Ailin knows how to go deep in your soul and say to your inner most private thoughts:

“Yes, you can kick higher.”
“Yes, it burns but it also feels great.”
“Yes, your arms jiggle but no one else cares.”
“Yes, you may not be able to do that now but you will one day.”

Beatbox Fitness is not the typical, luxury boutique fitness class that is often featured on Lean Girls Club. There are no free mints. There are no free bottles of fancy water. There are no free hair ties. There are no customized scents that waft through the studio. Beatbox shares studio space with other dance and fitness companies at Stepping Out Studios or Pearl Studios, where independent instructors can rent space and teach. If you’re looking for that 5-star exclusive experience, this is not for you. The hospitality is non-existent but the cost makes up for it with classes affordably priced at $18 each (half the cost of most NYC studios). Go for the sweat and the deal, and that’s good enough for me.

Beatbox Fitness NYC Review

Beatbox Fitness is at Stepping Out Studios in the mornings and Pearl Studios at night. To book a class near you, visit their website. Classes are $18 each or $89 monthly.

  • Megan Wood

    I’ve never heard of this (I do live in FL…..there so we will probably get this in 10 years). How cool – I will have to see if anyone around here offers this class. Sounds like fun!