Barry’s Bootcamp: Best Workout In The World?

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Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the trendiest fitness studios in New York City. So as part of the ASICS #RemixYourWorkout Challenge, I signed up for my first class. I am embarrassed to admit how late I am to get on this train.

Barry’s Bootcamp is the self-proclaimed “best workout in the world.” It incorporates speed work on a Barry’s custom-designed treadmill and strength training using weights, resistance bands, and other not-threatening equipment.

Barry's Bootcamp review

Class always begins with a 20 minute run. Not a runner? Don’t worry. Everyone goes at their own pace while steadily increasing speed or incline. You alternate 30 second bouts of sprinting and recovery jogs or walks. At my highest peak, I ran an 11.0 speed and 8.0 incline. Not at the same time. What Barry’s does is push you to work out at your max. They don’t force you to go harder. Barry’s instructs you to make small, incremental changes so that even you are surprised to see how much stronger and faster you are. I found myself playing a game to see how fast I could go for 30 seconds. Because, hey, it’s only 30 seconds.

The remainder of the 45 minute class is spent strengthening and toning with a variation of squats, lunges, burpees, curls, and more. Classes focus on a different target area depending on the day and no workout during the week is the same.

Sample Workout Schedule in Tribeca

Monday – Arms & Abs
Tuesday – Butts & Legs
Wednesday – Chest, Back & Abs
Thursday – Abs
Friday, Saturday, Sunday – Full Body

Barry’s Bootcamp is not your mama’s bootcamp. There’s no screaming or whistle blowing. Instructors do not yell profanities at you. They are encouraging. You aren’t expected to do the army crawl in the mud. It’s definitely not a place where you’re roughin’ it. The studio and equipment are top-notch. You’re dimly lit with red bulbs which give the studio a club feel. You think you’re partying and having fun, and not being tortured. And it works! The music curation is some of the best since Soul Cycle. They instructors know exactly what to play to get you motivated.

And one of the best luxuries that Barry’s Bootcamp offers? You can pre-order protein shakes and have it ready for you at the end of class. If you’re worried about undoing the hard work you put in, Barry’s Bootcamp lists the number of calories and ingredients on their menus.

The one negative? $34 per class + $8 for a smoothie + water = it adds up quickly.

Best workout in the world worthy? Not sure, but it sure comes close. These folks are serious about sweating and equally as serious about fueling the muscles the right way.

For me, it definitely is one of the most fun, impactful, and challenging workouts I’ve done in a long time. I left class knowing that I’d be back…and I did go back a few days later. And that to me is the best sign that a fitness studio is worth the hype.

Barry's Bootcamp review

Have you tried Barry’s Bootcamp? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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