AIRbarre by AntiGravity at Crunch

Ever since pop singer PINK started including acrobatics as part of her concerts back in 2006, I’ve always wanted to try any aerial silk suspension class. So when my college friend Natasha asked me to join her for AIRbarre by AntiGravity at Crunch, I jumped at the opportunity. It’s the one fitness trend I haven’t been able to try (until now) and I was excited about the opportunity. AIRbarre by AntiGravity® is the newest method of ballet barre training using the silk AntiGravity® Hammock.

Airbarre by AntiGravity at Crunch

THE CLASS: At first sight, the AntiGravity® Hammock was intimidating. I was afraid I would break the hammock (it holds up to 1000 pounds), I was afraid I’d fall and break my face (I didn’t), and I was just afraid I wouldn’t be able to follow (instructions were simple and clear).

The first few minutes of class were spent upside down. Way to get into it, right? It took me back to my elementary school days when we used to hang upside down on the monkey bars. Using my legs to hold me, I spent the five minutes upside down releasing tension from my shoulders, neck, and back, and realigning not only my spine but my thoughts. I wish every class would start with a moment of reflection like this. Most of us are coming from work and our minds are often not ready to jump into a work out. Taking a few moments to decompress helped me really focus on the class.

AIRbarre is a ballet barre inspired strength and conditioning class. Imagine a traditional barre class like Physique 57, but instead of the barre being wood it’s made of silk. The stability and security that a wooden bar gives us is completely removed and you’re forced to rely on a large piece of fabric and your core. Movements are small but targeted, and burn! Like traditional barre methods, there are lots of squats, leg lifts, and holds. The holds are what will kill ya! You don’t actually swing or do crazy flips like in a PINK concert.

The class closes with time spent in the cocoon, which is when you lay inside and cover your entire body with the AntiGravity® Hammock. After 45 minutes of sweat and burn, closing the world off and spending time decompressing at the end of class was AMAZING! The only thing that could have made it better was if someone would have rubbed essential oils on my forehead, or if I could have been left to nap.

Airbarre by AntiGravity at Crunch

THE INSTRUCTOR: I took Lorianne’s class at the Crunch Bowery location on Thursday night at 6:30 pm. Lorianne is a cute, petite woman who clearly loves her job. She was welcoming and friendly, without being the fake fitness instructor friendly. I loved how she was able to give SUPER CLEAR and easy instructions, which is so important when you have twenty people suspended upside down. She wasn’t hands on as other instructors going around correcting form because there wasn’t the need. The AntiGravity® Hammock naturally helps with form and alignment. Also, because her instructions were clear, we didn’t waste time waiting for her to explain or waiting for her to help a student. The pace was fast but easy to keep up with because of how she led the class.

Airfare by AntiGravity at Crunch

WHAT MAKES IT DIFFERENT: AntiGravity® Hammock. Need I say more? Also, the time spent in an inversion at the beginning of class and the time spent in the cocoon at the end of the class is what makes this class over the top. It’s not your high cardio class, but I was definitely sweating. I could feel those tiny muscles, which I never focus on, being worked out.

WILL I GO BACK: Yes, if I can get in. AIRBarre classes at Crunch fill up quickly. It’s one of their top classes and super hard to get into. You must try it at least once…but I guarantee you’ll love it like I did.

Find a local AIRBarre by AntiGravity class at your nearest Crunch. They’re going to be adding more classes this year!


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  • This looks SO COOL. Thank you for reviewing, I’ll have to get over there soon for an antigravity fit crash!

    • @dcfitcrasher:disqus – let me know if you ever want to go together. I SO want to go back!

  • This class sounds incredible. I’ve been wanting to try the ariel yoga class that I’ve heard of but hanging upside down sounds both terrifying and relaxing. I wonder what the difference is between AIRBarre and ariel yoga. No matter, you’ve convinced me that I need to find a class like this and give it a try!

  • Kelly B

    This sounds so fun! I’ll have to find a place near me!

  • I just tried this too— SO much fun!!