Yesterday I shared on my Instagram how running has changed my life and body. While I love running and often share how much I love it, it’s not for everyone. You don’t always need speed or high intensity to experience the benefits of exercise. Walking is a great low-impact alternative and has many benefits like better heart health, a lower risk of diabetes, slimming your waist, boosts your metabolism, improves sleep, improves your sex life, and more.

5 Ways to Walk More Without Getting On the Treadmill
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The daily recommended amount of steps is 10,000, which equals five miles. The average American takes 5,117 steps per day. There is no evidence (I could find) that New Yorkers walk more, but even if they did I can assure you that not every New Yorker walks fives miles daily. Five miles is nearly the length of Manhattan. My point is that everyone can benefit from walking more. Here are five ways to incorporate more steps into your daily life without using the treadmill to burn fat and more.

1. Get off the subway one stop before your destination. The average distance between subway stops is approximately .25 miles. If you take the subway one-stop away from your home and get off one stop before your office building, that adds up to an extra half mile walked. Do that twice a day (to and from work) and you’ve already collected 2,500 more steps, which is one mile.

2. Take the stairs. It doesn’t matter if you’re going up or down. Taking the stairs means that you’re not only adding steps to your day but it’s also strengthening different muscles for longer, leaner legs.

3. Take a (longer) lunch. Many of us don’t take the 30-60 minute lunch break required by law. Use some of your time to walk to a restaurant that’s a bit further than your usual spot. Or use a portion of your lunch break to walk around the block with a coworker. Another option is to head to the park for some sun. Not only will the walking burn calories, but getting fresh air during your work day is a great stress reliever. Also, the vitamin D from the sun will help burn fat. Multiple benefits here!

4. Take conference calls standing and pacing. This will not only help increase your steps throughout the day, but it will help you be more confident and assertive on the phone. Standing makes you feel strong, powerful, and capable. Not only will your heart thank you, but so will your career!

5. Send fewer emails and make fewer phone calls. Get off your butt, walk, and talk to your coworker down the hall. Take meetings outside of your office. Schedule dates with friends after work. The change of scenery will will break the monotony of your day and add another destination to which you have to walk.

Doubling your steps in a day isn’t realistic. Remember that change doesn’t come over night and it’s about taking one step at a time.

Do you have a trick you use to walk more? Share below in the comments section. I’d love to try it!

  • I LOVE this post! I am always trying to walk more during the day. The last two yrs we were in NYC I would take the subway to Grand Central then walk up Park Ave to my office on 57th. I always tried to walk at least a section of my commute, so much calmer than being on a packed subway car too! Much harder for me now but I at keast get out for a walk around the block each day.

    In addition to taking the stairs, I suggest walking up escalators!

    • @Lisa_earlymorningrun:disqus – you inspired this post. i had the thought while commenting on your blog. How funny, right? I definitely don’t walk five miles per day (when I’m not running) and I’m active. I love the tip about walking up escalators. I also do it on the walking runways at the airport. I think those are great ways to get in extra steps.


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