The big star of the 2014 TCS NYC Marathon was Mother Nature. The conditions were brutal (the thermostat read 48 degrees, but with 50 mph winds it felt like 30 degrees) but I got my fairy tale ending setting a personal record (PR) with 4:44:03. I shaved 18 minutes off my time last year! I ran without music, so I had a lot of time to think. Here are random, but interesting, thoughts and facts about this year’s TCS NYC Marathon.

TCS NYC Marathon Photo Credit: Jason DeCrow/AP Photo(Photo by Jason DeCrow/AP Photo)
TCS NYC Marathon photo credit: Lucas Jacksons/Reuters(Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

1. Marathon runners account for less than 1% of the US population.

2. Marathon runners account for less than .01% of the world population.

3. Women account for only 37% of the runners in the NYC Marathon.

4. I wore four layers: the Emma Raceback tank top, the Lite-Show Favorite Long Sleeve, the Favorite 1/2 Zip, and the NYC Marathon Storm Shelter Jacket (similar color here). So basically a variation of this outfit.

TCS NYC Marathon 2014

5. Running with Team Asics was an UNBELIEVABLE experience. I consider myself to be super blessed (and lucky) to have been a part of the team. Not sure if I deserve all they’ve done for me. I’m also not sure if I’ll ever be able to run another marathon without their support. I’ve made so many new friends for life in such a short period of time, especially my fellow Editor’s Challenge bloggers. Please be sure to follow them and check out their amazing blogs:

Megan at I Run for Wine
Megan at Run Like A Grl
Gregg at NYC Sweat
Chris at Run Run Live
Brian at Pavement Runner

TCS NYC Marathon Asics

6. Megan at I Run For Wine was the smartest blogger to grab one of these scary looking Asics Thermopolis LT hoods. You laugh now…but they were absolutely necessary.

7. The Dunkin Donuts marketing team gets a gold star in my book. They were BRILLIANT for handing out free beanies to all the runners at the start. Whether you liked DD or not, everyone was sporting the company’s hat at the start (and in all their Instagram photos) to stay warm. Including me!

TCS NYC Marathon 2014

8. Mayor Bill DeBlasio said it best: “New York has the biggest, and best marathon.” Whether you love our city or not, the consensus amongst the runners is 1. this City and NYRR does a fine job of organizing a race of this magnitude. Everything was smooth and in order. 2. The fans/spectators are the best in the world. There is no other city that shows up to support the runners like we do. GO NYC!

TCS NYC Marathon Asics

9. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) did an amazing job as their first year as title sponsor. The new branding with Lady Liberty and the rainbow colors were quite festive. Even TCS’s CEO, Natarajan Chandrasekaran, age 51, ran the marathon this year. His time: 5:00:52.

10. What wedding days are for most women, marathon day is that for me. The time and attention that other women spend planning their perfect day, I spend scheduling my training runs, testing various food options, finding the “perfect” race outfit, coordinating where people are cheering for me along the course…it seriously is like planning a wedding and I should know since I’ve planned and been a part of quite a few!

11. Security was no joke. I had to go through metal detectors at Fort Wadsworth on Staten Island, where the race starts.

12. All the public trash cans were removed around the finish for security measures. You can figure out why…

13. Vaseline works wonders. I rubbed vaseline on parts of my body that were exposed, my face and calves. Not only did it help massage my legs that were cramping in the cold, but it insulated the heat in my body and kept me warm.

14. Trash bags also do an amazing job at keeping you warm. The runners and I all looked like refugees at the start trying to stay warm. Look at my friend Tony sporting his Bed Bath & Beyond bag.


15. Even with the wind and cold, the professional runners ran in their underwear. And note, they have less body fat than I do. They had very little insulation. Lesson here a little fat is a good thing!

16. I finished in 4 hours 44 minutes and 3 seconds. I finished after professional tennis player Caroline Wozniaki and before actress Teri Hatcher.

17. Brooklyn resident Katherine Slingluff secured lifetime guaranteed entry to all future NYC Marathons by being the one millionth NYC Marathon finisher. (SO glad the milestone went to a local!) She clocked in at 4:43:36. If only I had run 27 seconds faster…but is it a blessing or curse to have lifetime guaranteed entry?

18. My :15 seconds of fame: see my face on Runner’s World and my name in the NY Times. (E. KIM is my legal name.)


19. The photo of me in Runner’s World is from the subway car in the Asics Flagship store. The subway car is an actual NYC subway car from the 70s or 80s that was found abandoned in the Mohave Desert. It was

20. The question I get most asked is, “would you do it again?” There is no doubt in my mind. The NYC Marathon is one of the greatest experiences in the entire world. Training sucks because you lose a lot of free time, the body takes a toll, the pain is immeasurable, but crossing that finish line is so worth it.

Last thought…(so I lied, 21)
The night before the race, I was weeping in my bedroom. I was eating my spaghetti bolognese and was just suddenly hit with a rush of emotions thinking of the race, reading the flood of texts and social media messages. I was overwhelmed. I was scared of the conditions (the media has a tendency to hyper-sensitize everything). Here I was less than 12 hours before I had to leave for the race, crying in my bedroom with a mouth full of spaghetti.

The running community is unlike any other. It blows my mind that people who I’ve never met before were tracking me and cheering for me from all over the world. The support from all of you is everything to me. It literally brought me to tears. You are my second family. Thank you for being my second family.

And a HUGE x 100 thanks to Asics for allowing me to be a part of their team. The support they’ve given me and the other bloggers is incomparable. This is a company that is committed to bringing the best for runners. Coach Andrew Kastor, I couldn’t have set the PR without you. I am forever grateful for your encouragement and support.


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  • Ken C

    Great Blog entry

    • @disqus_hpZuALk9Vh:disqus – thank you so much!!

  • Trisha Hughes

    I loved reading this! I’m so excited for you & I was most definitely waiting to hear from you from the finish line. Congrats!!!

    • @trishahughes:disqus – thank you my friend! Thank you for your support! People like you are the reason I love the blogging community!

  • felizady

    You were not wearing what we thought you’d be wearing (according to your instagram pics). We almost missed you if it weren’t for my eagle eyes! haha You still looked super fashionable and amazing!

    • @felizady:disqus – you my friend, are incredible and have eagle eyes!!! Love you!

  • Bridget

    Great meeting you at the meet & tweet this weekend, and way to go on shaving 18 min off your time!!

    • @disqus_VRwu4Ql2Qf:disqus – such a pleasure meeting you as well. PLEASE keep in touch and let’s get together since you’re in NYC!!!

  • Oh great post! love it. Glad you had a good time at the race!
    What is your next race?



    • @kyannasimone:disqus – besides a few short races, I’m eyeing the NYC Half or the Nike Women’s Half since it’s coming back to NYC I hear. Otherwise…I’d like to tackle LA, Paris, or the London marathons in the future 🙂

      • Girl! I think you need to do the NYC Half, because I just registered and the Nike women’s half is good also! I’ve never done it but I want to do it. Once I run my first marathon in NYC I am going to start traveling to run other marathons as well as half marathons.

  • Kayla Kleinman

    You are so so so incredible, congratulations on crushing it!

    • @kaylakleinman:disqus – thank you darling!

  • Megan Wood

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED meeting you this weekend. We will always have these memories to share. I am still pinching myself to make sure this all wasn’t a dream 🙂

    • @meganwood:disqus – we are going to be friends for life!!!

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  • Jen

    You like look so cute in the turquoise Asics jacket. It’s making me want to order one!!