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Sweaty Betty Run Club NYC


November 24, 2014

Nothing warms my heart more than working out with friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love my quiet Saturday morning runs alone but I love the camaraderie more. There’s something about sharing in sweat and pain burn that unites people. This past week was a tough one for me, so my friends Cherbrale and Victoria came to my rescue and joined me at the Sweaty Betty Run Club. Jacket: Sweaty Betty Cadence Run Jacket | Top: Asics Lite-Show Favorite Long Sleeve | Pants: Sweaty Betty Zero Gravity Tights | Shoes: Asics GEL-DS Trainer 19

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Asics TCS New York City Marathon


October 30, 2014

I’ve been checking the weather forecast daily, no, hourly almost, for Sunday’s race. I had originally intended on running in shorts but it seems that Sunday’s forecast has gone from a high of 50 to 37 and windy at the start, so I now have to rethink my outfit for the TCS New York City Marathon. Capris? Leggings? Long sleeves? Layers? Jacket? Hat? Gloves? The options are endless. Good thing I’ve test run several outfits during my long runs, but how about this for an option? Top: Lite-Show Favorite Long Sleeve Pants: Leg Balance Knee Tight Shoes: GEL-Kayano 21 NYC Jacket: NYC Marathon Storm Shelter Jacket I really love the Leg Balance Knee Tights, not just because the color pink peeks through but because these pants actually help with my posture. The compression technology and design force me to engage my core enabling me to run taller. It’s not quite…

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September 8, 2014

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is underway. I’ve never been one to really care what’s happening in the Tent or on the runway, but I’ve been thrilled with the trend of more and more fitness brands participating in the glories of Fashion Week: Athleta, Oiselle, and now Under Armour. I was invited to celebrate Fashion Week and the announcement of Under Armour’s newest ambassador (find out who below) at the beautiful Hudson Mercantile for a work out with Natalie Uhling, fit styles, and treats. It was a grand ol’ time. Thanks again to Under Amour for dressing me from head to toe. Sports Bra: UA Eclipse Sports Bra | Leggings: UA Perfect Tight Printed Capri | Socks: UA Neon Liner Socks | Shoes: UA Micro G Renegade Training Shoe Under Armour Women’s slogan and current campaign is I WILL WHAT I WANT. It’s a positive reinforcement that one WILL achieve whatever…

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August 19, 2014

I love wearing my race medal out in public the day after a marathon. It’s the ultimate statement piece that says “hey, I just did something amazing and I’m pretty awesome.” If it was socially acceptable to wear race medals everyday, I would, but it’s not. So what so I choose instead are rings for the daily. Empower Ring | Urban Outfitter’s | House of Harlow | Erica Sara | David Yurman | Vita Fede There’s a recent trend that encourages women to wear right-hand rings, you know, to prove the point that you don’t need a certain left-hand ring (or man) to feel special. But rather than calling it a right-hand ring, I call these bold pieces my POWER rings because they command attention. Like my medals, they say “hey, I think I’m pretty awesome.” These six are some of my favorite finds because they’re regal and glamorous. They’re…

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