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This Lean Girl Rocks: Jen Porto

February 7, 2011

Meet Lean Girl Jen Porto. Originally from California, Jen grew up as an active kid playing every sport you can imagine: volleyball, basketball, softball, and soccer. “I did every sport and tried it at least once. I was always a fit kid, but I was never skinny. And then probably once I got to high school I really started thinking about body type and I also wasn’t playing as many of the sports,” says Jen. Like many of us in high school, Jen became more aware of her body and what her peers were saying about other girls and their figures. Fortunately, Jen grew up in a health-conscious family that encouraged her to eat healthy and exercise. Her mom is still one of her biggest supporters and they plan on running a half-marathon together in March. I met Jen at Slim & Strong, the monthly boot camp program taught by…

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