Lean Girls Club "People"

This Lean Girl Rocks: Liz

June 24, 2011

We haven’t featured a Lean Girl in a while so I’m pleased to introduce Liz. Liz is the LGC Giveaway winner of the free training session with my trainer Justin of Rich Barretta Private Training. Since her first session a few months ago, Liz has been working regularly with Justin and…well, I’ll let Liz tell you the rest.

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7 Things of a Stylish Blogger

April 25, 2011

Lisa at Early Morning Run presented me the Stylish Blogger Award. And as my acceptance speech I’m to list seven random facts about me. I’m going to TRY to make this about diet, fitness, and health but forgive me if it’s a bit narcissistic as I talk about myself…even more! 😉 1. NAME: I don’t have a middle name. I have a Korean name, an American name, a surname, a nickname but no middle name. Where does the name gracekelle come from? One of my supervisors during my first music business internship would always yell “Grace Kelly” every time I walked into the office. It was the first nick name I liked and it stuck with me. For once people weren’t calling me “Grace under fire” or “Grace Face” or “Gracie.” I’ve also decided that when/if I get married, my surname will become my middle name because it’s also commonly mistaken for my…

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Lean Girls Rock: Beth McClain

February 14, 2011

Name: Beth McClain Age: 27 years Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Occupation: Substitute teacher for Hamilton City School District  and Member Services Consultant at Planet Fitness Tell me a little bit about your background. Were you always a fit kid? Overweight? How did your state as a kid affect your present health? As a kid, I was pretty fit, mostly because I was always very active. My mom took me to swim classes even as a baby and by the time I was big enough to swim on my own, you couldn’t get me out of the water. I swam competitively from the age 7-14 for a summer league through our country club. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted, but my mom cooked all of our meals. The one big treat was always pizza on Fridays, a tradition that remains true in my house to this day. 🙂   Did you grow…

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Saturday Session: Adele

February 12, 2011

British songstress and two-time Grammy winner Adele held a private showcase last night at the PC Richard & Son theatre and I was one of the lucky few to be invited. She is absolutely amazing. Not only does her voice leave you breathless, but she’s incredibly funny and personable. Adele sang old favorites “Chasing Pavements”  and “Hometown Glory”, and previewed a few songs from her upcoming album 21 that is set for release in the U.S. on February 22. The stand out song of the night was “Someone Like You,” which is about an ex that has moved on, found another lover and is doing just fine. Heart wrenching!!! In between songs, Adele shared that she had quit smoking (it’d been three weeks and two days to be exact), caffeine, and spicy foods per the suggestion of her vocal coach. Even though she cut out these things to preserve her voice,…

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