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Katie Yip Next Fitness Star


July 28, 2014

Women’s Health is in search of the Next Fitness Star and this week is the final week to vote. While there are many excellent candidates, I’ve already cast my vote for Katie Yip. Katie is a NYC-based pilates instructor who teaches at Pilates Challenge on the Upper East Side. This weekend I had a private pilates session scheduled with Katie, but before that I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her personal fitness and health journey. Even before meeting, her answers won me over. Katie is smart (she’s earning her Master’s in kinesiology and exercise physiology), passionate, and charming. I can’t wait to share how our workout went, but for now get to know your Next Fitness Star, Katie Yip. 1. Why are health and fitness important to you? Health and fitness are important to me because a) the research continues to affirm the prophylactic effect…

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Lean Girl Profile: Emily


June 20, 2014

Emily and I are social media friends. You know, people you’ve connected with by following their blogs, Twitter, or Instagram and now you feel like you know them personally. I’ve had the privilege of following her fitness journey on Instagram and witness some amazing #TransformationTuesday photos. Emily’s story reminds me that the state of being healthy is different for everybody. Her healthy weight may or may not be my healthy weight. Always consult your physician and go with how strong you feel. Please welcome Emily to the Lean Girls Club. LGC: Tell me a bit about your story. What was your low point? EMILY: I was small as a kid as I was active. I roller skated, rode my bike, played in a soccer league, and did Mexican folk dancing. I joined the Air Force when was I was 19 and they enforce physical training to pass minimum standards, to…

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Brianne Mai Blessitt

Guest Blogger | Brianne’s Story

January 24, 2014

Brianne is one of my dearest friends in NYC. I’m inspired by her health and fitness journey and following her food logging on Instagram (you should follow her). I’m reminded that no matter the circumstances, constantly pursue health and happiness. Please welcome, Brianne.

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Lean Girl Profile: Angie

May 15, 2013

I met Angie through the Shape Up NYC Fitness Instructor Training program (more on that later). Angie and I share a passion for boot camp classes, races, and connected while exchanging weight loss stories. Hers is more impressive as she’s lost more than 100 pounds! I am inspired and encouraged by her story and how she dug herself out of what felt like a bottomless pit. She’s a fighter and constantly looking to push herself. Please welcome Angie to the Lean Girls Club. Angie 39 years old Bronx, NY Starting Weight: 320+ pounds LGC: What was your childhood like? Were you athletic as a child? Angie: I wasn’t athletic as a child. Everyone [else in my family] was regular. I was the black sheep in the family. You wanna be like your family and I felt out of place. LGC: At what point did you realize that you needed to…

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