Lean Girls Club "Beauty"

Dermalogica giveaway


December 17, 2014

Day 9 of 12 Days of My Favorite Things. I’ve tried to give you all a chance to win things that will help and reward your healthy, lean lifestyles: Asics shoes so you can exercise, Clean Bottle SQUARE since we all know the benefits of drinking water, CoreAlign classes for a stronger core, and more. But how about skin health? Today I’m giving away the Dermalogica “Our Favorites” skin set. I love Dermalogica not only because the products work but it’s a company that believes that healthy skin is a part of body therapy and a healthy body. While some dermatologists swear that what we eat has nothing to do with the condition of our skin, I don’t believe it one bit. (In fact, the holiday eating and drinking has caused my skin to break out this week.) My skin always looks and feels better when I eat clean, exercise,…

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Bare Soaps review and giveaway


December 4, 2014

Day 3 of My 12 Favorite Things. I’m so thrilled to share Bare Soaps with you – a artisan soap company from New Jersey. Each Bare Soaps product is hand-made with premium essential oils, leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and smelling ooh-la-la. The smell. I just can’t get over how heavenly the scents are. Today, I’m giving away a sampler pack of their four best selling four soaps: Cupid’s Love, Sunkissed, Sunshine Bar, and Starry Night. Three reasons I love about Bare Soaps: 1. 20% of proceeds go toward vaccines, vitamins, and soaps to Uganda. Bare Soaps provides antiseptic resources to help prevent the spread of deadly diseases. LOVE THIS! To learn more about this initiative, click here. 2. The packaging is eco-friendly and brings new life to the planet. Seriously. Wet the paper wrapper and plant in soil. Voila. Wildflowers are born. 3. Bare Soaps is founded by a…

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Organic Coffee Honey Mask


September 26, 2014

There are conflicting reports about whether we should drink coffee or not, but I say drink it. It’s all about balance and moderation. I personally love coffee and enjoy its many benefits by drinking ONE cup every morning. For many of us who eat a Western diet sparse in vegetables and fruits, coffee is one of the greatest sources of antioxidants. It’s even better if it’s organic. Last night I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Le Pain Quotidien learning about coffee and its many benefits. We even made our own organic coffee and honey masks. Freshen up your daily routine with an organic beauty treatment like this moisturizing and revitalizing Organic Coffee & Honey Mask. ORGANIC COFFEE & HONEY MASK RECIPE (Makes 2 masks) 1 cup Le Pain Quotidien Organic Ground Coffee (I used this) 5 tablespoons Organic Yogurt 3 tablespoons Le Pain Quotidien Organic Honey (I…

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