The Juice Diaries: The Truth About Juicing and Its Benefits

Cold-pressed juice has become the new “it” food in NYC. With the popularity of food documentaries like ‘Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead’, the demand for cold-pressed juices has increased and there’s a new juice place opening on what feels like every corner. The benefits of juicing are undeniable when many accredit it for weight loss, lower cholesterol, increase in energy, clearer skin, and more.
Liquiteria Juice Killer X
I’ve experienced the benefits of juicing, and one of my favorite things to do is grab a green juice with my girl friends after a spin class. Some of my favorites are Juice Generation, Juice Press, and Liquiteria; however, there is no substantial evidence that juicing is HEALTHIER for you than eating its solid counterparts. It by no means is supposed to replace food long term, nor is it supposed to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. But damn it, it sure does make me feel better!
Liquiteria Juice Killer XX
Liquiteria Juice Killer XX
The day before the More Magazine and Fitness Magazine Women’s Half, I was in bed sick. Nothing but sleep and liquids made me feel better. I know there is no cure for the common cold, but juice comes pretty close! I truly believe there is no better medicine than good, clean foods. I picked up Liquiteria Killer XX juice and it almost instantly energized and revitalized me.

Juice is a great way to get extra nutrients but it isn’t the magic weight loss plan for me. For the long term, you’re better off eating the whole food counterparts, especially these foods from my Clean and Lean shopping list. But juice definitely is helpful in pursuing a healthier, leaner life.

If juice helps you eat the fruits and vegetables you otherwise wouldn’t eat, great! If juice saves from picking up McDonald’s on the way home, great! But be aware of how much fruit sugar is in it. Some juices have more sugar in it than candy bars. Sugar is sugar. Your body doesn’t know the difference. It does recognize that chemicals are crap, though!

Juicing isn’t about being skinny. It’s about being aware of your body, its needs, and how you treat it. I personally love cold-pressed juice. It gives me energy, it’s convenient on-the-go, is a great replacement for sweets, and just makes me smile.

Time To Sound Off: How do you feel about juicing? And do you have a favorite place to get your amazing, fresh-pressed juice?

RACE RECAP: More Fitness Half Marathon & Celebrating Women

The More Magazine and Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon is the world’s largest race for women. The weekend started with the Fitness Expo at the Metropolitan Pavilion and ended in Central Park for 13.1 miles. I spent the majority of Saturday in bed sick, but I was able to make it to the More / Fitness Fitness Expo to pick up my race items, enjoy the photobooth, and chat with Olympic swimmer Dara Torres.
Athleta Bosco booth at More Fitness Half Marathon Expo
Dara Torres and Grace of Lean Girls Club

I’m not usually one for Expos – they’re traps perfectly set so I spend my money – but I have to admit that this was a good one, featuring some of my favorite brands like Athleta, The Stick, Erica Sara Designs, Luna Bar (their new Chocolate Coconut Almond Luna protein bar is SHA-MAZING) and Sparkly Soul.

I woke up Sunday morning well enough to at least attempt to run. I gave myself the ok to abandon the race if I started to feel ill. Race day conditions were perfect. The sun was out and temps were in the low 60s. I’m sure the weather helped not just me, but other women who needed the pick-me-up.
More Fitness Women's Half Marathon
More Fitness Women's Half Marathon
More Fitness Women's Half Marathon
More Fitness Half Marathon
Grace of Lean Girls Club at the More Fitness Women's Half Marathon

When I was growing up, I found girls to be catty, prissy, jealous, mean, high maintenance, stress-inducing, liars, and insert your negative adjective here. Still do. That’s the difference between girls and women. Women support each other. Women love. Women are strong. Women are humble. Women are honest. Women are peaceful. Real women are confident and comfortable in their skin that they aren’t threatened when another woman is excelling. A real woman would boost her fellow woman, if it means the other passes her. It took me a while to get here, but I’m proud to be a woman!

The More Magazine / Fitness Magazine Women’s Half Marathon is THE event for celebrating, empowering, and encouraging women. It was inspiring witnessing women cheer for each other, clap for each other, and even look out for her fellow runner by sharing tips like “rub lotion on your nipple to prevent chaffing.” If that’s not being comfortable in one’s womanhood, I don’t know what is.

Race photos courtesy of NYRR.

DRY BRUSHING: What Is Dry Brushing & What Are the Benefits?

Dry brushing is the technique of using a body brush to stimulate the lymphatic system, a part of your circulatory system.
what is body brushing and what are the benefits of body brushing?
You take a body brush and basically buff your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in the body and is second in clearing toxins from your body. By brushing your body, you help circulation, stimulate faster removal of collected toxins, and enjoy a plethora of other benefits like helping fight cellulite. If you’re looking to fight bulge in your midsection, thighs, or just want radiant skin in time for summer, grab your dry brush and follow these instructions.
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RACE RECAP: Scotland Run 10k

The Scotland Run 10k was my first race of the year. I was both excited and nervous since I hadn’t raced since…yikes, the marathon in November. What was intended to be a short winter break from racing, ended up being half a year. It was a long winter for the east coast! The Scotland Run is one of the most popular races in the New York Road Runner schedule, celebrating Scottish heritage and culture with bag pipes, kilts, and more as all part of Scotland Week.
Scotland Run 10k NYRR
Men were excited about being able to run in kilts without judgment. I was excited to be in Central Park on one of NYC’s first real spring days. The Great Lawn was looking mighty fine.
Scotland 10K Central Park Great Lawn
Scotland 10K Central Park Great Lawn
Scotland Run 10k NYRR
I didn’t set any personal records, but it felt good to be out running with a large crowd again. There’s something about running with thousands of people that is intoxicating and addictive. It’s why I started racing. I tried it once and I was hooked.

I’m a big believer in self motivation and competing with myself, but sometimes when I run solo I don’t try as hard.

I am not enough.

The self that I compete with is sometimes very lazy! She’s lazy, unmotivated, mean, and uninspiring. And when she rears her ugly head, I rely on other people to push me past my limit. I race to compete. I may not compete to win first place, but I compete with my neighbor who’s going to push me past my limit.

In the words of Kanye, that’s how I get “stronger, better, faster, stronger.”

Time to Sound Off: I want to hear from you. Do you race and why?

Image Source 1: NYRR | All Other Images: LGC

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FIT PINS | Pinterest Inspiration For A Healthier Life

Pinterest is great for inspiration, especially for a healthier life. It’s like what I was saying about food porn. Keep looking at beautiful, healthy, inspiring images and you’ll eventually get yourself there. If you’re bored with your same old, same old, follow my Lean Girls Club pinterest board for healthy recipes, body toning exercises, and motivation. It’s also a great way to stay up to date on current LGC posts. Here are some fit pins that have inspired me to get in the kitchen to try new, healthy recipes and outdoors for a butt-kicking work out.
Healthy thai chicken salad
Chopped Thai Chicken Salad via Pinch of Yum – how pretty is this?? The salad itself is healthy but beware of the peanut sauce. That’s usually the culprit for the high calories.

Oiselle Kara Goucher
Kara Goucher for Oiselle – My heart is full! How cool is it that a big time running icon and Olympian would join team Oiselle, a “small business” compared to the other multi-million dollar athletic companies? Kara embodies fit and lean. It’s much cooler to be lean than skinny!

Maple Whole Grain Banana Bread
Maple Whole Grain Banana Bread via The Nutritious Kitchen – This is the healthiest banana bread you will find as it uses whole grain flour, bananas, and greek yogurt. Maybe not use as much nutella? :)

baked eggs with tomato sauce
Poached Eggs with Tomato, Swiss Chard, and Chickpeas via Fit Sugar – one of my favorite go-to dinner meals.

Yoga Pose
Yoga with Friends via Goodbye Babylon – a great reminder that friends make you stronger. Find a pal to sweat with and work on your core together.

how to meditate
We all need more quiet time in our lives. If you’re not sure how to meditate, this is a great how-to.

If we haven’t already connected, leave your Pinterest link and I’ll be sure to follow you back. All these fit pins and more can be found on my Pinterest board.