Fitness Blog Entries by Lean Girls Club

Grete’s Great Gallop

October 5, 2015
Do you ever wake up to race and wonder “why did I sign up for this race?” Yesterday at 6:30 am I asked myself this very question as I got ready to run Grete’s Great Gallop half marathon in support...
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Blink Fitness review

Blink Fitness (Part 1)

September 22, 2015
I have a confession to make. I’ve gained weight, about seven pounds, and it’s killing me. It’s not the number that’s getting to me. It’s the fact that I’ve let the stress and busyness of adjusting to the not-so-new job...
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In Seventeen

September 17, 2015
I’m so excited to share that I’m featured in October’s issue of Seventeen Magazine as one of their favorite fitness Instagram accounts. If we aren’t connected on Instagram, follow me here.    I was reminiscing about when I was 17...
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