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How To Fall In Love With Winter Running

January 17, 2017
Hey readers, thanks for having me over here at Lean Girls Club! My name is Megan–I run a blog called Run Like a Grl and also blog over at Cal-EZ. And I’m here to talk a little bit about winter running. For some, just seeing those two words next to each other in a sentence sends a chill down their spine. Yet, others love the quiet and the coolness of hitting the pavement outside during the winter…but how do these people do it?! Winter can be cold, windy, and dark, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide out indoors on the treadmill. There are ways you, too, can learn to love this cold time of year, and I’m here to try to convince you that the winter is one of the best times of year to run outside! You Can Be Queen of the Pavement It’s quiet in the...
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So You’re The Slowest Runner In The Group…

January 10, 2017
This morning was the first time that my NYRR training group met. I decided back in November that I wanted to be a faster runner and purchased a set of eight classes on Cyber Monday. You know you’re a runner if the only thing you purchased between Black Friday and Giving Tuesday is a set of running classes for yourself. I got my butt up at 5 am, put on four layers, and took an Uber to Prospect Park for my class. It was 20 degrees this morning with the city still covered in snow so I questioned how many people would actually show up, and was surprised to learn that approximately 25 people gathered before I got there. Dedication. I checked in with the guy with the clipboard that had a mini flashlight clamped to it (yup, it was still dark) and learned that I was in Group 3....
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Holiday Cheer & Cocktails With Drizly

December 21, 2016
The holiday season is filled with lots of reasons to celebrate. It was an epic year for me: I got married, brought home a puppy, starred in a Dove commercial, ran my fifth NYC Marathon, traveled all over the world, remained healthy, and more. I partnered with Drizly to find a way to celebrate. I decided to host my own get together with some loved ones to celebrate an early Christmas and our 6-month wedding anniversary. The holiday season can be overwhelming with the abundance of office parties, get-togethers, and dinners but I couldn’t leave town to meet my real family without celebrating with my NYC family. I’m no Martha Stewart, but one of the main benefits of hosting is that I can to control what we eat and drink. I found these cocktail recipes on Drizly to complement our brunch-style fare, and modified them to make them low-calorie. Winter...
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